Sebastian – 4 months old!

Is it bad that I am already so excited for this little guy’s 8 month session? He just MELTS my heart completely! That smile is to die for, and his many expressions had me cracking up. He’s got super sweet parents and grandparents to boot ;]

We started his session with a backdrop and some cute poses, then headed up to mom and dad’s big comfy bed for some “lifestyle” shots! Have I mentioned how much I love this change of atmosphere sometimes? 95% of my shoots are posed and planned with backdrops and props, etc….I love when those little unexpected moments are captured! Those “in-between” moments are real, and how you will most remember your life at that time. I am honored when my clients want me to capture that for them!

Then we went into little Sebastian’s room, which is quite possibly the cutest baby room I’m seen in a while! Winnie the Pooh all over the walls by his talented grandma!

Thank you so much, Kieran and Jonathan for having me over again! Super excited to see you all again in 4 months!

  1. Candice says:

    Love his hair! The spit bubbles are super cute! Beautiful family!