Owen – 11 days new

There were just so many great things about this session – a brand spankin’ new squishy baby, an ADORABLE well-mannered toddler, sweet and friendly parents, and hardly any of my stuff got peed on (poor mom can’t say the same, he nailed her a couple times!)…I can’t ask for anything more!! Baby Owen was so good to me once he finally fell into that “bendable” deep sleep and I had so much fun with him!! Look at that grumpy little face :] And big sister Maddi was such a little ham, couldn’t wait for her turn in front of the camera! I seriously wanted to take that little girl home with me! While setting up some sibling shots, she very politely and sweetly said “mommy, his bum is showing…if he pees on me I will have to change my pants!” LOL! What a great big sister, she was so gentle with him!

Mom and dad requested this shot, as they had gotten the same shot on the same couch with big sis when she was an itty bitty! So glad they asked for this…love how it turned out!

  1. Candice says:

    I am loving your work! I absolutely love the grumpy face shot! Big sister is precious too! Great job capturing these two cuties! Love the shots with mom and dad too!