3 months/ Babies/ Family/ Lifestyle

And baby makes 4! {charlotte family photographer}

3 months/ Babies/ Family/ Lifestyle

The Fischer Family {charlotte family photographer}

3 months/ Babies/ Studio

Tessa – 3 months {charlotte baby photographer}

3 months/ Babies/ Family/ Lifestyle

Ella – 3 months {charlotte baby photographer}

Oh this sweet girl. Her 6 month session is coming up and I am just now blogging her 3 month! Ahh! I am so stinking excited to see this face again soon! But let's rewind....approximately 3 months ago I went to her house to shoot some lovely relaxed shots with her mama and daddy in the comfort of their home! Love me some lifestyle sessions! How gorgeous is miss Ella? And how much do you want to kiss those cheeks!?

3 months/ Babies/ Family

A beautiful family! {charlotte family photographer}

 These people make suuuuch a good looking family! I'm so happy and honored to have been able to do this session. Dad is a Carolina Panther!  I was supposed to shoot their sweet little girl's birth and newborn photos, but unfortunately they weren't local when baby Cora was born. So I was absolutely giddy when mama asked me if we could do some family shots after they were back in the area! Are they not perfect!?   

3 months/ Babies/ Family/ Studio

The Tran Family

I had such a great time with sweet Delilah, her mommy and daddy, he grandma and her grumpy little cousin Enzo! Delilah was all smiles, Enzo...not so much haha! But that pouty lip won my heart.  

3 months/ Babies/ Children/ Family

Owen – 4 months old

Oh I just love this little guy! And my, has he grown since his newborn session! There's nothing better than a chubby baby :] These are from just 4 months ago at his newbie session... And here he is now! I couldn't believe how expressive he was - look at all his faces! And big brother Evan was not too fond of my big camera in his face...ha!

3 months/ Babies/ Family/ Lifestyle

Sebastian – 4 months old!

Is it bad that I am already so excited for this little guy's 8 month session? He just MELTS my heart completely! That smile is to die for, and his many expressions had me cracking up. He's got super sweet parents and grandparents to boot ;] We started his session with a backdrop and some cute poses, then headed up to mom and dad's big comfy bed for some "lifestyle" shots! Have I mentioned how much I love this change of atmosphere sometimes? 95% of my shoots are posed and planned with backdrops and props, etc....I love when those little [...]

3 months/ Babies

3 month old Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is already 3 months old! Feels like I just did her newborn session a few weeks ago...time is flying by for sure! And look what I saw as I walked in her living room...     LOVE IT! Seeing my work blown up big and on my clients walls is the best feeling!   And of course, look how big miss Kaitlyn got!

3 months/ Babies

Kaitlyn is 3 months old!

Miss Kaitlyn is already three months old!! You may remember her from her birth...   Or her newborn session...   And now look how big she is! Geez, stop growing beautiful girl! I'm sure your mommy and daddy wouldn't mind ;] Sweet Kaitlyn just didn't like the idea of my camera in her face during her session, so I came back another day for a "take 2" and she was in a much better mood! Life as a baby is so hard. Her daddy plays guitar (hence the guitar case she is in) and at the last minute, we decided [...]

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