Avery and Lily are ONE!!

These sweet baby girls! They just melt my heart every time I see them. I first met these gorgeous babies when they were newborns and have photographed them every 3 months since! They just turned a whole year old in December and it has gone by SO FAST. It’s ridonkulous!! Oh, and mom and dad just found out they are identical! Which explains a lot, since every session is so hard to edit because I can not for the life of me tell them apart. Thankfully, mom was prepared this time with different outfits (and different cupcakes on their birthday onesies!)


So here are the many faces of Lily and Avery (and big sister Emma!!)







  1. These are wonderful! I’m sure it wasn’t easy capturing two little ladies this age, but you’ve captured wonderful moments!!!

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  3. Candice says:

    Great job getting 2 little ones together! Love twins! I love how you can really see their size so well! These will be cherished for years to come! Great job!