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Everly and Olivia – 8 days new {charlotte newborn photographer}

Newborns/ Studio/ Twins

Sweet Twin Girls – 14 days new {charlotte newborn photographer}

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Brielle and Kellen – Double the Sweetness! {charlotte family photographer}

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Nick & Nora – NICU Days {charlotte newborn photographer}

Babies/ Newborns/ Studio/ Twins

Brielle and Kellen – 12 days new {charlotte newborn photographer}

These babies. Twins are *always* a bigger challenge - so I went into this session with expectations of a long session and ending up with maybe 2 set ups together. I can't remember how long the session ended up being but it was shorter than most single baby sessions. And they were sooo good to me. They just slept and slept and slept! Such sweet tiny peanuts - I sure hope I get to see them throughout their first year!

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Two sweet boys who love their mama!

This session was I followed Ronan and Logan and their gorgeous mama around while they played with toys, snuggled, read books and tickled! There may have been a little snacking on foam letters going on too ;] Lifestyle sessions are really tugging at my heart lately...real moments, real smiles, real fun, real love. I love my job.

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Elliott and Cora – 15 days new

As a twin mommy, twins just have a special place in my heart. These sweet peas just brought me back to those newborn days with my two! There is nothing sweeter than a newborn, except 2 newborns ;] Cora and Elliott gave me a run for my money but we still managed to get some precious shots! Here are some of my favorites! Check out the sibling rivalry already - Elliott is already learning to harass his sister ;]

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My Sweet Babies!

I took my own little ones out to get some fall shots...and let me just say, I am so thrilled with these. The stars aligned and I got my dream image of them (the last one). I am head over heels in love with these kids!!

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Kilcoyne Family

Let me just start off by saying how AWESOME these boys are! They had me laughing the entire time and just had the best personalities! Can you believe the twins are NOT identical?? I couldn't tell them apart if my life depended on it! And sweet Sullivan stole my heart from the moment he jumped out of the car and said "I'M SULLY!" Mom Juliane is one of my mommy reps - and I am so blessed to be working with her! Ridiculous amount of pictures below, I know, I just loved so many of them!

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The two little monkeys that started it all!

I very rarely get a chance to set up an actual session for my own littles ones! They are 2 1/2 and just growing so fast, I am so excited to have these shots. You better believe the first shot is going BIG on my wall!! Just wanted to quickly share them with you all...promise I'll get caught on on actual blogging soon!!  

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George and Rocco – 14 days new

Be still, my heart! George and Rocco were two weeks old when I photographed them, and still so so tiny at a little over 5 & 6 lbs!! This session really made me miss my own twins being so new...I just love the bond between newborn twins! I got countless shots of them sucking on each others noses, cuddling, and of course smacking each other in the face (hey, it's love taps!) What really makes me love these sweet boys is what their mama told me about their journey into the world. George and Rocco were so wanted by their [...]

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Avery and Lily are ONE!!

These sweet baby girls! They just melt my heart every time I see them. I first met these gorgeous babies when they were newborns and have photographed them every 3 months since! They just turned a whole year old in December and it has gone by SO FAST. It's ridonkulous!! Oh, and mom and dad just found out they are identical! Which explains a lot, since every session is so hard to edit because I can not for the life of me tell them apart. Thankfully, mom was prepared this time with different outfits (and different cupcakes on their birthday [...]

9 months/ Babies/ Twins

Thompson Twins – Lily and Avery

Ohhh, these girls! I just love them! Lily and Avery first met me when they were teeny little newborns, and now they are 9 months old. Time sure flies! These girls and their big sister Emma are such fun little ones and they get even more gorgeous every time I see them! Enjoy your sneak peek Mom and Dad, can't wait to see you all in a few months for their big "one year"!!!            

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