The Birth of Bella | Charlotte Birth Photographer


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The Birth of Holden | Charlotte Birth Videographer


Welcoming Eliza – A Birth Story {charlotte birth photographer}


Meeting Evan {charlotte birth photographer}

This birth was a little different from any that I've captured before. I was so honored to be invited as this sweet couple met their son. Their story is incredible - this baby boy was literally placed in their life unexpectedly and they opened their hearts and said yes to being his parents. This was so amazingly orchestrated by our loving God and I am still in awe of their story. So here they are in all their glory - a mom and dad meeting their son who, although a surprise, was so very longed for.  


The Birth of Mateo {charlotte birth photographer}

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Veda Natalie {charlotte newborn photographer}

I'm so excited to introduce my third little monkey, sweet Veda! She was born on February 16th and weighed 5lbs 15oz. She's such a peanut! We are so very in love with her. I ended up having a c-section with her - but thankfully my hubby was able to snap some pictures in the OR! I set everything up on my camera for him and crossed my fingers...I think he did pretty good!       Watching my two "big kids" meet their baby sister was something I will never forget. They are smitten with her and she is so [...]

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Welcoming Sienna – a video birth story {Charlotte NC birth videographer}

I am so excited to share this video, and to continue to offer this to my clients! Birth photography is completely amazing but capturing it all on video is just pure magic. I will never grow tired of witnessing new life being brought into the world. And I am so humbled and thankful that my clients invite me into such an intimate and personal moment and trust me to capture it all so that they can relive the best day of their lives, over and over. Welcoming your child is one of the biggest and more important moments of your [...]

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Welcoming Elijah

I shot this couples first sons birth back in 2011 and was so excited when mom emailed me saying they were expecting again! Love my repeat is so amazing witnessing these little ones grow up! I just missed Elijah's birth - first time that's ever happened! We were waiting for mom to be checked to see if she was further dilated before I made my way there, and when the doctor came in she was already 9cm! I rushed my way over, of course it was 5 o' clock close!! But I stayed a while and got to [...]

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The birth of Eliana, and her newborn session!

 Last year, I photographed Gabriel's entrance into the world. Poor mama was in so much pain and Gabriel's labor still holds the record of the longest birth I've attended!! But after all of the pain, tears and discomfort, their sweet boy was born and love just radiated from them both. Of course, I was so thrilled when they contacted me a few months ago to let me know they were expecting baby number 2, a girl, and they wanted me to shoot her birth! What a wonderful honor to be invited again to capture that amazing journey for them. Mom [...]

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Jamison’s First 48

Let me just start off with how much I LOVE first 48 sessions! The lifestyle approach, the squishy newness of the baby, the yummy hospital room light, and capturing the magic of those first few days with a new baby....I just soak it all in! This sweet boy was a little over 24 hours old. I had such a great time capturing Jamison's mommy and daddy and grandparents loving on could you not cuddle that little boy! The first few days with a new baby are overwhelming - getting used to this new little creature and their demands, trying [...]

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Spencer Nicole – 9 days new

I know things have been quiet around here...I apologize! I haven't had time to blog about every session, but hopefully I'll catch up soon!   This is a special blog post. Not only does it document the journey into life of a sweet baby girl, but her mommy is one of my good friends and it has been amazing to see her become a mother! Let's go back to early December, when miss Spencer was still in mommy's belly...     And then, after a false alarm on Christmas night, I got the call at 3am that is was time! [...]


The birth of Benjamin

This sweet boy had a whole waiting room full of family waiting on him! I got to the hospital around 2 am and the little stinker wasn't born until after 11am! He had us all fooled ;] His birth was one of the most calm and relaxed births I've ever photographed. Mom was having full conversations about food and West Virginia in between pushes. Amazing! And when she pushed...I swear, the whole room pushed with her. Another crazy part was when the baby nurse walked in the room...she ended up being a past client of mine! Small world! So here [...]


The birth of John IV

I always walk away from births with a smile on my face. They are such amazing, miraculous things to witness and each one is so different. Baby John's birth was long awaited! He was 2 weeks overdue, and definitely in no hurry to come out! I finally got the call at 2am on the 9th, and he made his appearance shortly after 5am. Let me just say, his mama is a rockstar! She did so good and, as you can see below, is gorgeous even while giving birth! Congratulations Crystal and John, he is gorgeous and you have such a [...]

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