Veda Natalie {charlotte newborn photographer}

I’m so excited to introduce my third little monkey, sweet Veda! She was born on February 16th and weighed 5lbs 15oz. She’s such a peanut! We are so very in love with her. I ended up having a c-section with her – but thankfully my hubby was able to snap some pictures in the OR! I set everything up on my camera for him and crossed my fingers…I think he did pretty good!



IMG_8241 copy IMG_8250 IMG_8302


Watching my two “big kids” meet their baby sister was something I will never forget. They are smitten with her and she is so lucky to have them!

IMG_8326 IMG_8339 IMG_8352 IMG_8454 IMG_8606



And of course I have a million newborn shots! Here are some of my favorites.

DSC_6549  IMG_8624IMG_8664DSC_6553  IMG_8679 IMG_8705 IMG_8740 IMG_8766 IMG_8920 IMG_8806


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