Rabon-Baker Wedding

I have never considered myself a wedding photographer. I have always told myself I’d stay away from weddings – just because I’d much rather deal with a screaming newborn over a bridezilla any day! The whole idea of it just never appealed to me…until I got a call from Kate. She is the sister of one of my dear clients who I just love, and asked me numerous times if I would shoot her wedding. I really hesitated, I’m not going to lie, just because I didn’t know if I was up for the challenge. I felt like I wasn’t good enough…and not having any experience with it really made me nervous. But I got all my ducks in a row and decided I would give it a shot – as long as she knew this was my first time shooting a wedding. I was nervous the days before the wedding, sweating bullets on the drive there, and shaking like a leaf when the shooting began. But then something magical happened. I put the whole scary experience to the side and just shot…everything I could…as many little details as I could see. I went back an forth between two huge cameras and numerous lenses and just kept shooting…and suddenly all that fear went away and I was having fun! And of course, who doesn’t love a wedding…anyone who doesn’t think two people commenting their lives to each other isn’t sweet doesn’t have a soul. It’s true :]

So now that the wedding was almost 2 months ago…and the editing and delivery of hundreds of photos are over….and oh yeah, coming out to my car after the dinner reception to a flat tire….I would still do it over again! It was a great experience and luckily, she was no bridezilla. Not one bit. And their whole family is just so sweet and hilarious and I truly had a blast. Not saying I want to specialize in weddings and shoot one every weekend, but if I was approached again about one the circumstances were right and I felt I’d be a good fit for the couple, it is definitely something I’d love to do again.

Here are just a few from their special day, I love the black and whites hence why there are so many here….such a sweet family of four!! Maybe a family of 5 soon so I can have a little baby to photograph?? Hmmm? ;]

This was the cutest thing – they had their guests “sign” with their fingerprint on their little family tree…love it!

  1. Kieran says:

    I love these, they look so good!

  2. Beautiful! I love the one in color!