Michael – 17 days new

Oh my gosh guys, I am so behind on blogging it is ridiculous! With the holidays, I have been so busy not only with work and photography but also with my family! I have enjoyed the past few days SO much just hanging out with my husband and little ones in our pajamas all day. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever it is that you may celebrate!! Here is a sweet shot from our Christmas…I had my husband dress up as Santa and hide behind the tree, my twins didn’t even know he was there for the first few minutes!



And now, introducing a sweet little guy named Michael (aka MP3, since his whole name is Michael Paul III!) Sweet Michael was born on Thanksgiving day….his family had a whole lot to be thankful for :] His poor mama had some complications from the birth and was sick for a while afterwards, meaning we couldn’t do his newborn session until he was over 2 weeks old. Usually I prefer to photograph newborns within the first 10 days of life, since that is when they are extra squishy and posey! Michael wanted NO part of that…haha!! So we did more of a “lifestyle” approach and just captured him doing whatever it is his little heart desired! Crying, being held by mom and dad, cuddling up with his furry sister…real memories!!


It was a pleasure working with your sweet family, mom and dad! Hope to see you all again soon!!



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