A mama and her baby

Ohhh this session! It was just so much fun. There is nothing sweeter than a mama loving on her baby and this session was all about capturing that. Mom wanted shots of them doing things they do often, that she never wants to forget…bath time, cuddling each other, playing in her room and outside, singing the itsy bitsy spider…these are the moments to cherish and the things that will fade from your mind far too quickly. I am so honored that she chose me to document this special time in their lives! And dad…kudos to you, you were amazing at getting miss Laia’s gorgeous smile to shine though ;]

Happy mother’s day to all of you wonderful mom’s out there! It’s a job like no other, and is a true blessing. I am so in love with being a mama.

  1. Misty says:

    These are so good! She is a doll!